Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Hate Fundraising! Just Keepin' it Real.

I hate adoption fundraising....but I LOVE the end result.  It is also a necessary thing for those of us that are not independently wealthy.  And, most of us that adopt are NOT in that situation. :)   These days, as I am fundraising for my 3rd adoption (been fundraising pretty much nonstop since 2006), I almost feel like friends/acquaintances/family want to run the opposite direction when they see me coming because they fear that I will be asking them to help with a fundraiser or asking them for money (with the exception of adoptive families...they GET IT).   Well, that might be the case.  Just keeping it real here.....if I ask you to help it is because I value you or what you can contribute.  If I ask you to participate in a fundraiser I usually think you will have a positive reaction.   If I ask you to participate it's because I truly need the help....truly,  I'm not one to ask for help if I can take care of it myself.   I would like to summarize this post by thanking God for the wonderful people that have never wavered in their assistance with my adoption fundraising process.  You are truly Jesus 'with hands and feet.'  I will never forget your willingness to help....and you know who you are.

  I will end this post by thanking God for my daughters...two that are at home, and one that is waiting in China.  I love you more than you could possibly know.  You are my light and my joy.  You are my everything.  I love you 'to infinity and beyond,' as Caroline says.  :)