Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Friday: Homestudy visit for the 'update'...go to doctors office for the TB test.
Saturday: get paperwork ready for the updated homestudy
Monday: 8:30 - trips to two banks to get documentation......9:15 - go to IWU HR office to get further documentation.......10:30 - go home and feed/walk Higgins (my basset hound child).....11:00 - go to doctor's office for appointment and waited for 90 minutes to get the doctor to quickly see me and sign the medical form for the homestudy update........1:00 - drive to Indy to get fingerprinted (yet again) at the Indiana State Police headquarters........2:45 - drive to Anderson to leave ALL of that documentation.......4:15 - arrive at Miriam Project to quickly meet with social worker and give him the pile of papers........6:00 - get home and feed/walk Higgins.......6:30 - HUNGRY - go to Bob Evans with Mom........8:15 - go to school to load up the xylophones for my world music class in Indy. 9:10 - HOME. whew.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Registry at Target and Babies R Us....What FUN!

Today after church, Mom, Sierra, Jennifer and I went to Indianapolis to pick out items for the gift registry. We went to Target and Babys R Us. What fun! But, I was overwhelmed with all of the gadgets that are available for little I was very happy that Sierra and Jen helped me pick out things from strollers to car seats to bedding to high chairs to toys. Bless their hearts, they had traveled to Target yesterday to scout out all of the baby stuff.

I registered and got my "gun" to scan the items. But I just stood there with big eyes....I didn't know what to do first. Those girls were such a help to me. It's not that I'm a total idiot when it comes to babies, but I haven't had time to do my 'research' on everything that I either needed or wanted. I've never shopped for a stroller before.....I didn't think about whether or not I could fold the stroller with one hand, or how heavy it was. What? A stroller that has an iPod plug in? YES! Thank you Sierra and Jen for helping me think about these things!

I had such fun in the toy section. I may be sorry later, but I picked out a bunch of toys that make sounds. I also picked out every Baby Einstein CD and DVD that they had. :) Now I have to figure out where I'm going to put all of these items! It's been a happy day.

Received My Pre-Approval!!!!!!!

I was expecting to wait up to a month for my pre-approval to adopt Bao I asked everyone to pray that I would receive my pre-approval (PA)......God gave me the desires of my heart and I received my PA in just one week - I received the notification on July 15. I was in disbelief as I read the email saying "Congratulations! You have receive your pre-approval........" I wish I could express the joy that I'm feeling as my dream is finally coming true.

Mom and I were eating lunch in Wendy's when I read my email on the Blackberry. I know that as soon as I read the email I said (rather loudly) "I got my PA!" Several people turned their heads....wondering what I was talking about. I didn't realize that I said it so loudly! Then, of course, Mom and I both started making phone calls to family and friends.....there were screams of joy on the other end of the phone. Our food got cold, but I no longer cared about my food. I've been on cloud 9 since then.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Feeling Encouraged

I'm feeling more confident that I will get my PA for this beautiful little 19-month-old. After hearing from others that are in my age-range who have been granted pre-approval for children of the same age, I think it will happen. Positive thoughts. Still praying!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday, I called Children's Hope International to accept a referral for an absolutely breathtaking 19-month-old waiting child. She was born with congenital syphilis and is clinically cured. Her tests have repeatedly negative reports (yea!) and she is physically and mentally on target for her age. She is now living with a foster family, which is a good thing!

So why am I not jumping for joy and shouting from the rooftops?!? Trust me, I want to do that with all my being, but I must wait until I receive my pre-approval (PA) from the China Center for Adoption Affairs in Beijing. I have been logged in since April 13, 2007. But, the next step is to get my PA. Why am I worried? I'm old according to China standards. I'm now 51 and want to adopt a 19-month-old. There is a slight chance they may not grant me the PA. In my heart I think they will, but I just won't let myself go nuts with excitement until I get the PA.