Monday, November 23, 2009

Caroline's First Studio Photo Shoot

Caroline survived her first studio photo shoot. Last week I got a call from Sears telling me that I had won a free 10 x 13 portrait with no sitting fee. Of course, it was a ploy to get me in the studio so that I'd spend alot of money on a 'package'....well, it worked. I took the bait. I thought the pictures turned out pretty nicely....better than I expected. Here is a sampling of the pictures. So now the pressure is off to find a photographer....for a couple of months, at least.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Caroline's Bedroom

Yesterday, I put up a small Christmas tree in Caroline's room and decorated it in butterfly ornaments (surprise, surprise). I put the tree up two years ago in her room...I didn't put it up at all last year... but for 'some' reason I was a bit more excited about it this year. I also got the changing table put together....thanks to Mark H....... and Caroline's bed is pretty much done. I'm including pictures and a short video clip of Miss C.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Caroline is Saying So Much...and I Don't Understand Her

In the last few days Caroline has become more verbal. I would equate it to speaking complete sentences.....of course her sentences are in Cantonese, so I don't know what she's saying. Yesterday and today she has been telling Mom and I a story of some sort. She has included hand gestures that are so sweet. I'm so profoundly proud of her for displaying such a beautiful means of expression, yet so sad that I can't understand her. I'm determined to videotape her, but she tends to 'clam up' when she sees the video camera, so I've got to be sneaky about it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The New Adventures of Caroline

Today, the IWU Music Division faculty had a party for Caroline and I and we enjoyed food and fellowship with them. Caroline even decided to show off a little bit. I took her to my office for the very first time and she immediately went to the piano. I think she looks pretty natural at the piano. This week we also made a trip to Riley Hospital in Indianapolis for an appointment with a pediatric opthamologist. Her right eye 'wanders' then she is able to bring it back into focus pretty quickly. Good news from the doctor is that her eyesight is normal and things look good. He thinks that her eye will improve with time. He called her condition 'exotropia' and didn't seemed too concerned. We have another appointment in 3 months and if she hasn't improved, then she will either wear an eye patch over the good eye to strengthen the weak eye, or she might need surgery....either way, it can be treated. PTL. The other two pictures that are included on this post were taken by my cousin Ashley while we were in Kansas City.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween with the Cousins in Kansas City

We have just returned from our 'Meet Caroline Tour' with family and friends in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. We were gone for 11 days. Caroline got to spend her very first Halloween in Kansas City with her cousins Zane, 8, and Zacalen, 6. She was a butterfly (surprise, surprise) ...notice her 'squeeky shoes'......and sort of got the hang of how to do the trick-or-treating thing. For awhile she wanted to stop after each house and inspect the treats. And, she was holding up the 'pack' of trick-or-treaters, so she had to be carried to most houses. She had a good did I.