Friday, May 2, 2014

LSC is Coming!

The CCCWA website shows that my status has changed to 'match reviewed' which means that my 'Letter Seeking Confirmation' is on its way!  I am getting anxious in terms of travel dates...but I am putting it in to God's hands and know that it will all happen in His perfect time.  We are getting very excited!  Updated information came last week on 'Cameron' and I have been purchasing a few things for her....but I'm leaving the tags on the clothes in case they don't fit....or in case she doesn't like them.   I am praying that the orphanage/foster family will tell Cameron that she is being adopted.  I am putting together a care package for her with a photo album and other items.....just praying that she doesn't find out one day before we arrive.  Once again, I am just trusting God in this journey.