Thursday, March 27, 2014

And.....LID! (That's Log-in-date for those that don't know China adoption jargon)

I received notification that my log-in-date is Tuesday, March 25. happy to get this far!  Now, I feel like things are finally moving.  Though....I was given a timeline for translation of two to 12 weeks!  That is quite a span of time!!   Let's pray for translation to be completed closer to the two week timeframe!!   

I have been collecting items for Cameron's care package.   So what do you include in a 13-year-old's care package?  I am including a photo book from Shutterfly, several disposable cameras, a soft blanket, jewelry, hair doodads, sunglasses, lip balm, and an owl keychain.  I am decorating her room with an owl motif.   And, I plan to find a cute purse that I think a 13-year-old would like.   Over the last few months I've been collecting a certain pattern of Vera Bradley items....backpack, purse, tablet cover, etc.   I plan to take those things with me to China to give her in person.  :)   Cameron, your new mama is praying for you every day.   I pray that your heart will accept a new family.   I pray that you will be open and willing to move to a foreign country.   Your little sisters are so anxious to have you home!   We love you so much, Cameron....even though you have NO IDEA who we are already in our hearts.  Hugs to you, my sweet girl.

Monday, March 17, 2014

DTC Today!!!

Finally, my dossier is on its way to China today.  Thrilled and relieved.   Now, there are a few more hoops to jump through, but this is big.   I plan on starting on Cameron's room in the next week or so.  Her bedroom furniture is being delivered this week.  Now, I've got to pick out paint.  We are going with an 'owl' theme for accessories.  From the pictures that I have received of Cameron, she looks very shy, and she has the sweetest smile and appears to have a gently spirit.  Mama loves you, Cameron.  And, so does Nai-Nai, Caroline, and Claudia.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daughter No. 3!

I am getting closer to bringing home my third daughter, a beautiful 13-year-old girl from Jiangsu Province of China.   My family is looking forward to having her home!  I am in the throws of fundraising.....many of you understand what that is about!!!!  I still need to raise approximately $12,000 to pay for remaining adoption expenses which includes the orphanage donation as well as travel expenses.   Would you please consider supporting my process to bring Cameron Alexis Weihu home?   You an make a contribution here on my blog;  and/or you can make a purchase of some amazing coffee at my storefront which is  Thank you!!!!!!