Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update on my update

Today I sent off all but one document for the home study update to the social worker. I'm waiting for some documentation to send with my financial, don't get the idea that I have that many financial documents....and, definitely don't get the idea that I have alot of finances. I should get my financial statement updated and sent in the next few days and tomorrow I'm setting up the date for the home visit. Mom and I got the form from the USCIS for our fingerprints.....yay, we passed! The first time around, Mom had to be fingerprinted twice...the first set was 'unrecognizable.' My head still swims when I think about the I-600A form and making sure that I've done everything that I need to in order to stay 'up-to-date.' And, when all of this is done....I've still got a very long wait for Caroline. Those of you that are adopting internationally can 'feel my pain.'

In the meantime, I'm trying to get ready for Caroline 'physically.' It was my goal in the spring to exercise and lose some pounds. I'm also just a little 'freaked' because I'm now 50-years-0ld. So...while the dieting thing isn't working so well this summer, I am exercising every day. I either walk for 45 minutes or ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes daily. I'm even 'in style' because I recently purchased an iPod I'm feeling pretty cool as I walk down the street with the ear buds, holding the iPod. I rode the bike for 20 minutes AND walked tonight for 60 minutes. So, at least I'm accomplishing one of my goals in terms of physical health. The dieting will begin when school starts.

I'm also reading a book for pleasure......'Change of Heart' by Jodi Picoult....good stuff. That's the other more books for pleasure. I'm just hoping that I can keep up these efforts of self-preservation after school starts. I tend to lose myself as soon as I see the students coming.

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