Sunday, July 19, 2009

Received My Pre-Approval!!!!!!!

I was expecting to wait up to a month for my pre-approval to adopt Bao I asked everyone to pray that I would receive my pre-approval (PA)......God gave me the desires of my heart and I received my PA in just one week - I received the notification on July 15. I was in disbelief as I read the email saying "Congratulations! You have receive your pre-approval........" I wish I could express the joy that I'm feeling as my dream is finally coming true.

Mom and I were eating lunch in Wendy's when I read my email on the Blackberry. I know that as soon as I read the email I said (rather loudly) "I got my PA!" Several people turned their heads....wondering what I was talking about. I didn't realize that I said it so loudly! Then, of course, Mom and I both started making phone calls to family and friends.....there were screams of joy on the other end of the phone. Our food got cold, but I no longer cared about my food. I've been on cloud 9 since then.

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