Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday, Caroline!

It has been a LONG TIME since I last posted on the blog...sorry. But, now I am back home from our holiday travels and can resume a routine again. The last month has been so much fun. Caroline didn't really understand the 'Christmas or Birthday' celebrations, but she certainly enjoyed them. Since it seems that she has been receiving gifts since we returned home from China, the gifts at Christmas and her birthday didn't seem out of the norm for her..... though I don't think that she is at a place where she expects to get gifts. I think this holiday season was more for Momma and Grandma to enjoy.....it has been so much fun to watch her open gifts and interact with family and friends.

Caroline is now 2-years-old. Today, I took her to the Westminster Preschool to get the application packet. We also had a tour which wasn't all that necessary since my mom worked at the preschool several years ago and I was quite familiar with it. Caroline played with the kids that are in 'her class' and seemed to do OK. I guess we will start preschool next week. I plan to enroll her in the Mon/Tues/Wed morning sessions.

My next obstacle is to go back to school next week. My 'family leave' will end on January 11. While I have missed my students and colleagues, I have SO ENJOYED being at home with Caroline. This time with her has given me such a sense of satisfaction that I've never felt before. I am praying that God will make this a smooth transition. I have a feeling that it will be more difficult for me than for Caroline. I do have the benefit of having Grandma at home...I don't have to worry about daycare. Any preschool experience is optional, not a requirement. I don't have to worry about Caroline because I know she is in the best possible hands with her grandma.

Pictures are coming very soon!!!


Adrienne said...

Hi Chris and Caroline! I have enjoyed reading your updates and seeing new pictures of Caroline. I am so glad you are enjoying time at home with Caroline and sorry it will end soon. For me, I very much enjoyed my bonding time with Collin but was looking forward to getting back into routine. It was a rough first day..pretty much cried all morning, but was fine by afternoon. You will be fine, too. It will be good for Caroline to interact with her peers at preschool. Collin loves school and daycare and has learned so much language from attending both! Take care and keep the updates and pics coming!
Adrienne Rolf

Beth said...

I'll be praying for this transition for you both. I have had to go back to work 4 times and it hasn't gotten any easier... it's so nice being home. How nice that your mom will be home with her; my mom stays with our children and it is wonderful to have that opportunity. I'm sure Caroline's Grandma will do a wonderful job spoiling her. :)