Saturday, January 29, 2011

Favorite Phrases

Caroline's vocabulary keeps expanding on a daily basis.   I don't always understand everything that she says, but I would say that I understand 90% of what she ways.  She is also very expressive in terms of facial expression and hand cute.  There are many times that I wish I had a hidden video cam to get some of this on video.    Her favorite phrase right now is "that'll work!"   Examples:   she eats her mashed potatoes with a 'kiddy' knife..."that'll work!"    She helps set the table (I fight the temptation of re-setting the table) and she says, "that'll work!"   Her other much-used phrase is "I love it."    Examples:  taste-testing her breakfast food..."I love it."........putting her blue jeans on...''I love it".........watching her favorite DVD..."I love it."    Another one.......she recently went to the movie theater for the first time and saw the movie "Tangled."   She calls the movies at the theater a "big DVD" while spreading her arms out to indicate 'big.'    The phrase that I use most often these days is 'LIFE IS GOOD!'

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