Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I haven't posted much text in quite a while....mainly pictures of Caroline.  I thought I would take a moment to write some random thoughts about Caroline and her growth and development at this point in her life at 3 1/2-years, after being home from China for almost 2 years.   I am continually amazed at her awareness of the world around her.   She absolutely loves preschool, which she affectionately calls 'Bible Church'....this came about due to the fact that her preschool is housed at our church....she noticed that Vacation Bible School was held at the same place as her preschool, so started calling preschool 'Bible School'.....then she came to the realization that we attended church at the same building as her preschool...hence, she started calling preschool 'Bible Church.'    She knows her colors, numbers and letters.  She is counting up to about 25.  She loves to 'read' books....I'm thinking that she'll ACTUALLY start to read before too long.   She has taken tap dancing class for a year and will begin her 2nd year of study next week....she LOVES to dance.   Her favorite cartoons are 'Dinosaur Train', 'Sid the Science Kid', and 'Curious George'.   She is fascinated with wild animals such as lions and tigers.  She is fascinated with race cars.   We are STILL trying to conquer potty training, but I know she's close....right now it's 'hit and miss.'   I am enrolling her in Suzuki violin class this fall because she keeps talking about the violin, and I don't prompt her.  You might think that I talk to her about it because I am a music educator....but she has asked about the violin for several months on her own.  Her hair has grown to below her shoulders which makes me so happy....on Gotcha Day her head was shaved....all I could do was dream about what she would look like with long hair.   I think that she doesn't like to disappoint me....I will have to watch this characteristic as years go by....I want her to feel free to make mistakes and not be ashamed if she isn't perfect.  I'm afraid she'll be a perfectionist like me....which has it ups and downs.  Caroline is not afraid to be 'rough and tumble' with the boys, but also enjoys putting on a frilly dress with a bow in her hair...and she is very 'matchy-matchy'.....she always wants her shoes and bow to match her clothes....can't imagine where she gets that.   She loves to talk about her 'mei-mei'....her little sister who will be coming from Africa in a few months.   I love Caroline more and more every day....and am constantly checking myself to make sure I'm doing my very best for her.  I don't want to let her down in any way.  Caroline, words cannot possibly express how much I love YOU!


Kendra said...

This was sweet to read. :) What is the estimated time line for your next Gotcha Day?

Chris said...

I'll just guess that it will be a few months....hoping for next spring.