Monday, October 8, 2012

And I Get Sick a Week before I Leave??!??

     I ended up in the ER on Sunday after a horrible asthma attack.  I stayed home today to rest, but I'm still feel, well, crappy.  But, I still had to get stuff done.  Got the visa application filled out today and it will go in the mail tomorrow.   Tomorrow I will finish my adoption education process...or what I call, my 'Masters of International Adoption degree.'  

     I will admit that I have some fear about making this trips to Africa.  I won't go into detail about where I'm going until after I come home....but this will not be a 'walk in the park.'   I am so excited to meet my new daughter....hold and hug with her....look in to her eyes.  THAT is what I look forward to.....but I will be glad when we get home...'nuf said.   
    I ask for your prayers as I depart to bring home my daughter on Oct 17.

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Kendra said...

We'll be praying for safety as you travel, and, of course, we have been praying for you to feel well!