Thursday, March 27, 2014

And.....LID! (That's Log-in-date for those that don't know China adoption jargon)

I received notification that my log-in-date is Tuesday, March 25. happy to get this far!  Now, I feel like things are finally moving.  Though....I was given a timeline for translation of two to 12 weeks!  That is quite a span of time!!   Let's pray for translation to be completed closer to the two week timeframe!!   

I have been collecting items for Cameron's care package.   So what do you include in a 13-year-old's care package?  I am including a photo book from Shutterfly, several disposable cameras, a soft blanket, jewelry, hair doodads, sunglasses, lip balm, and an owl keychain.  I am decorating her room with an owl motif.   And, I plan to find a cute purse that I think a 13-year-old would like.   Over the last few months I've been collecting a certain pattern of Vera Bradley items....backpack, purse, tablet cover, etc.   I plan to take those things with me to China to give her in person.  :)   Cameron, your new mama is praying for you every day.   I pray that your heart will accept a new family.   I pray that you will be open and willing to move to a foreign country.   Your little sisters are so anxious to have you home!   We love you so much, Cameron....even though you have NO IDEA who we are already in our hearts.  Hugs to you, my sweet girl.

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