Friday, April 4, 2008

April is a Significant Month for Caroline and her Adoptive Mommy

I made the monumental decision to adopt in April 2006. After months of home study visits and dossier preparation, my dossier was logged-in in April 2007. Now, it is April 2008. When I started this process I thought I'd be preparing to go to China by this time. I fully expected to have Caroline home by summer of 2008. Wow, that is so far from reality. I don't even want to venture a guess as to when I'll travel to China to get Caroline. Yes, I know that this is all in God's perfect timing....I truly believe that as evidenced by His miraculous timing with other adoption issues in the last two doubts there. So, I wonder what will be happening in April of 2009. Will I be any closer? Well, obviously I'll be closer, but will I see the light at the end of the tunnel? Don't know. Will I still be keeping Caroline's pretty spring Easter dress(es) under plastic wrap in the closet? Probably so. Will I be any less faithful with regard to this process? Maybe at times, but ultimately, faith in knowing that I will see my daughter one day is what carries me through. Perhaps April will be THE MONTH when I receive Caroline's referral, or perhaps April will be THE MONTH when I travel to China for Gotcha Day. Perhaps April is the month when I re-affirm my faith in HIM, knowing that this adoption process is in HIS HANDS. I've always liked the month of April. Perhaps it is my month of new beginnings.

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