Saturday, March 29, 2008

Update on I 171-H form......

Well, good news.....when I checked my I 171-H form, I saw that it is still current and good until August 2008, and my fingerprints will expire in May. For some reason I was thinking that these documents were expired....I haven't looked at those forms in awhile. The good news is that as long as these forms are not expired, I can get a one-time FREE, I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and file a new I 600-A form - but I didn't need to send in a fee with it....praise the Lord. So now I need to get my homestudy updated and get that paper work to the USCIS in Indianapolis. I'm resting just a little easier right now.

Mom and I did a little 'retail therapy' in Fort Wayne. My "Chinese Baby" radar went off in the Meijer store.....saw her coming toward me in the aisle of the store...... about 8 months old with it's momma....birth momma. She was adorable and I'm sure the momma was a little curious why I was staring at the baby more than the 'norm.' That was my 'baby fix' for the day.

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