Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Feeling Better About Least for Today!

I received my updated home study in the mail today. So, I'll send it off the the Indianapolis USCIS office. That office works I should have my renewed 171H form pretty quickly. I also emailed my Children's Hope International (CHI) consultant...well, she's actually the director of the program, but she is also my consultant. I think that she clarified things for me regarding the Hague accreditation denial and the Joint Council meetings that were on August 1. There have been some people (prospective adoptive parents - PAP's) that seem to being a little bonkers right now. I DO UNDERSTAND why they are concerned. All of us who are PAP's have been waiting for such a long time, and anything that might jeopardize our chances for a China adoption would tend to send us 'spinning.' But in my case, because of my log-in date, and other factors, I am comfortable with CHI. I think that they will regain the accreditation, it will just be a matter of time. My referral is not in danger. If for some reason CHI does not get their reaccreditation, there are plans to transfer me to Holt...another very reputable adoption agency. So, I'm just going to take a big sigh of relief and move on....and leave it in God's protective hands.

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kris said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and best of luck with the adoption. I don't completely understand how or why some agencies are not getting accredited or how that all works- I've been lucky that CCAI hasn't had this as an issue. I'm glad to hear it will work out regardless!