Tuesday, December 23, 2008

World Premier Musical in Chicago

Last week, I attended the Midwest Band Clinic in Chicago, a yearly event that I ALWAYS look forward to. This year, while in Chicago, I was able to see a world premier musical titled "The Bowery Boys" starring a former student of my friend Pam Smith Kelly. What a great evening! The musical was wonderful, as was the performance of Brian Sears, the 'star.' There is a strong possibility that 'The Bowery Boys' will be going to Broadway. Above is a picture of me, Brian Sears, Pam Smith Kelly, and Sandy Stoekel. Pam and Sandy are special friends from undergrad days at Central Missouri State. Pam is SO PROUD of her former student.

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McMary said...

Just checking back in--I hope the china lists start moving faster. good news about Hague for CHI.