Monday, March 1, 2010

Caroline's Baptism - Feb. 21, 2010

Grandma and Caroline before the service started.

I'm directing the Heart of Indiana Children's Choir.

The baptism. L to R: Jim and Sue Sonnefield, Jim Coffman (Godfather), Anne Miller (Godmother), Gerry Lessly (Grandma), Caroline and 'Momma', and Paster Justin.

Pastor Justin baptizing Caroline.

Following the service: Grandma, Caroline, and Momma.

Sue Sonnefield, Grandma Gerry, Caroline, Chris, and Jim Sonnefield

At home following the baptism: Front - Caroline and Chris; back - Grandma Gerry, 'Uncle and Aunt' Ralph and Sheila Druffel, Emily Druffel, and 'Grandma' Esther Sherman. The Druffels and Esther Sherman came from Quincy, IL.
We had a wonderful day of worship at Westminster Presbyterian Church. My children's choir was there to sing, friends and family came from long distances to be there, and many friends from our previous church came to support us. I was also so pleased to see several former and current IWU students there. Thanks to all that came to share this very special day with us. Caroline didn't seem to be too upset with having Pastor Justin place sprinkle water on her head. The only thing she did was touch her hair after the baptism as if to say, what did you do to my hair? After the service, some family members had to leave to catch a flight out of Indianapolis, but several came to the house to enjoy a meal and fellowship with us. A very memorable day!


McMary said...

It looks like a wonderful day.
Caroline is so beautiful.
I am planning my daughters baptism day soon also and hope it turns out as well.

Kendra said...

I wish we could have been there. I thought about you all weekend wishing I was in IN instead of MI. We were there interviewing at another church, though we're not going to be moving there. I would have much preferred the ease of a weekend in IN celebrating with you! I watched the video you posted as well. She is a sweetheart!!!