Monday, March 1, 2010

Momma and Caroline Practicing "I Love You"


lwitmer said...

Chris I have some questions about children with Congenital syphilis. I understand that you may be able to help me. Could you email me privately

Chris said...

I'm not sure how to email you privately.....can you give me more contact information? I would be happy to contact you....just don't know how.

lwitmer said...

You can email me at Thanks

lwitmer said...

husband and I are adopting from China. The referral that we received was for
a three year old little girl with Congenital syphilis. She was born around
1/28/07. She was diagnosed with Congenital syphilis at the age of 6 months.
Her test results were RPR 1:64 and TPPA positive (7/24/07). After treatment
she was retested and found to be RPR 1:4 (8/17/07). She again was retested
on 12/10/07 and found to be weak positive. She was rechecked again on
2/24/09 using the TPPA and found positive. They treated her with
Erythromycin because they feel she is allergic to Penicillin. I am
wondering what does this all mean. The orphanage says that her hearing is
fine, but she has not had a hearing test. The one issue we see right now is
a delay in her expressive language. Can this be reversed or is this a
symptom of this disease? What complications could we face? Can she be cured
and live a productive life? Any information you could give me would be
appreciated. It's hard to make a decision without all the facts.
We're not sure what all this information means. What has been your experience with Congenital syphilis? What advice do you have to help us make a good decision? We would appreciate any help.

Amber said...

Very precious! She very clearly loves her momma. :) She's so sweet.