Wednesday, May 26, 2010

8 Month Anniversary of Gotcha Day

We recently celebrated the 8-month anniversary of Gotcha Day on May 21. This was the most amazing day of my life. I had anticipated this moment for such a long time that when it finally happened it was a bit surreal....and it happened so fast. On this day, Caroline cried for quite awhile (which I totally expected), then became very withdrawn. She wanted to be held constantly (I didn't mind one bit) and had a sad look on her face for about 4 days. She had a cold and a bit of a fever. She wouldn't play with toys or interact with other kids. On day 5 she finally started to play with toys and started to grin and give me a sly look. Her personality finally started to shine through. She ate like a horse and it was clear that she didn't know what it felt like to be 'full.' Each meal took a very long time in order for us to demonstrate that she could eat everything that she wanted....that we wouldn't take the food away from her before she was ready. Now, her eating habits are normal and she has blossomed into an amazing child who is healthy, happy, and smart. She is a social butterfly....loves preschool....loves to play with other kids.....even has a little boyfriend named Riley at preschool. She is a girlie-girl and loves to dress up. She loves to play 'waitress' and loves to figure out how things are put together. Her comprehension of the english language is so good...and her ability to verbally communicate with the english language improves every day. I am so blessed. Blessed beyond words. I still have to pinch myself that she is really mine.


Adrienne said...

LOVE has an amazing impact on kids, doesn't it? I will never forget meeting Caroline for the first time at the China Hotel. What a sweetheart!

Glenda said...

It's been a very fast 8 months, hasn't it. I love seeing Caroline smile, after seeing her be so somber in China. Isn't it amazing how God knits our families together? I'm so happy for you, I know the joy Caroline brings to you(I've felt that joy from my two). They truly are gifts from God.