Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day Back at Preschool and She is Bitten!

Caroline is ready for her first day back to Westminster Preschool

There's the smile!

Here is evidence of two 'boy bites'.  Bless her heart.

So we ended the day with some wonderful corn-on-the-cob and homegrown tomatoes.

Today would have been a great first day of preschool.....great teacher.....great activities.....lots of learning....but apparently, Caroline's arm got in the way of a little boy's teeth during playtime.  Preschool can be dangerous.   After the teacher showed me the 'accident report' and profusely apologized, she said that Caroline was a little trooper and after the initial cry, she was fine.  That's my girl.  And that little boy better leave my little girl alone :)   

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Kendra said...

Oh no! I had a biter in my home daycare when I had one years ago. She kept biting Lukas. I hope she doesn't get bitten again! I have to say that she was well dressed in that guitar t-shirt for her first day. She's always so cute!