Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Think We've Conquered Another Fear - The Visit to the Doctor

In two days time we have visited a pediatric dentist and a nurse practitioner.
Previous visits to the doctor have been somewhat traumatic for Caroline.  I'm sure that it has to do with the fact that she spent the first two months of her life in a hospital.  At previous visits to the pediatrician, Caroline has clung to me and become almost hysterical.  But, I think we've turned a corner.  Our visit to the new dentist and to the new nurse practitioner were painless and almost fun.  It also helps that in both situations, the doctor and practitioner made an effort to get to know Caroline before an examination.  This was such a relief to me.  It just makes sense that a pediatric health care provider would know to get acquainted and make Caroline feel more comfortable.  Thank you, God, for these two professionals who provided such a safe and comfortable environment for Caroline.


Adrienne said...

Yeah, Caroline!!!!

Jesse said...

Wow! Your girl's really amazing! Two thumbs up for you guys because you really helped Caroline in conquering her fear of going to the dentist. Like your daughter, my daughter was also afraid to go to a dentist before. But when we went to this dentist (Myrtle Beach area), her fears were gone in an instant because Myrtle Beach dental offices have great and friendly dentists and the environment's totally child-friendly.