Monday, November 19, 2007

Life is crazy

My life is crazy right now. I'm realizing that the schedule that I have now MUST change when I bring my daughter home from China. A typical day at school is at least 12 hours long, and that won't be possible with a baby daughter. So, I'm going to 'enjoy' this schedule while it lasts, and know that I'll have to let some things go - extra rehearsals and lessons at night, and working late in my office. When I bring Caroline home, my life will belong to her, just as it seems to belong to my students right now. I also need to be 'scoping' out some good student babysitters on those nights when I do have to be at school late. :)

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McMary said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks so much for your post. I am waiting for a daughter from Kazakhstan and feel the same way. My crazy schedule can not go on when I have a daughter to pick up from day care. I am a charge nurse in a very busy recovery room and most of my days are 10-12 hours long also. I am thinking just like you--I will enjoy it now and give my time to my patients and staff but it will change.
I know we can both do it.
Thanks again.