Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

I am currently with family in Kansas City for Christmas. This trip to KC has been a tradition since I was in college (undergrad). Mom and I usually arrive on or around Dec. 23rd and stay for about four or five days. Then, we travel to North Missouri to visit with other relatives....on to Quincy, IL to spend time with friends, then home. While it is a hectic time with little relaxation, it is a trip that we have enjoyed over the years.

I also get to spend time with one of my very BFF's - Anne. I so enjoy this time with her and her family. Mom and I went to a wonderful Christmas Eve service at her church, got in the Christmas spirit with wonderful music and a great Christmas message. There were lots of Christmas sweaters being worn, lots of children in their finest Christmas dresses and neckties singing their songs, and lots of cute babies who were looking so sweet in their fluffy Christmas attire......not so sure how much they enjoyed wearing their fluffy attire. I can't wait to buy some fluffy Christmas dresses for Caroline.....perhaps I'll have to endulge in some after-Christmas sales and put some fancy dresses away for the future.

I now contemplate how my Christmas Eve and Christmas morning will be different when Caroline arrives. It seems that now, a day doesn't pass that I don't think about how my special days (and normal days) will be different (and better) when Caroline is here. I see the Christmas holiday being much different. When I was a child it was very important that I wake up in my house on Christmas morning so that I could open my presents at home. I think that I will do the same thing. It is my desire to create my own Christmas traditions for Caroline. And while I know I'll go crazy with Christmas presents for her....I want to make Christmas about more than presents. I've got to think about ways that I can teach that the act of giving is more important that 'getting.' I think that we probably won't be in KC on Christmas morning, but will travel to KC after Christmas.....we'll see how that plays out. Meanwhile, I wait for Caroline....I'm sure there will be at least one more Christmas without her......so I guess I've got lots of time to plan. Merry Christmas, Caroline.

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