Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Snowy Day

Today my thoughts have been on what life would be like if my future daughter Caroline were here. It snowed about eight inches today and I imagined what my day would have been like......I'm sure that we would have built a snowman in the front yard with appropriate accessories befitting a snowman. I'm sure that I would have also purchased a sled. I could see myself pulling Caroline on the sled down the middle of our street (it's not a busy street). I can see this beautiful little Caroline with her black hair and rosy cheeks in a bright colored snow suit, bundled up so that I can barely see her cute face. I'll probably have her so bundled up that she can barely move. I look forward to the day when this becomes a reality.

For now, I take my basset hound 'Higgins' for a walk (more like a romp) in the snow. This 54 lb basset with long ears and short legs hops like a rabbit in the snow.....very comical.

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