Saturday, February 9, 2008

An Encounter

Yesterday, Mom and I went to Jefferson Pointe, Fort Wayne to endulge in some shopping therapy. We were just leaving the Vera Bradley story (a weakness of mine) when I spotted a caucasian couple carrying a Chinese baby (they had just entered the store). I stopped in my tracks, and practically ran toward the couple (I hope I didn't scare them) to find out if they, in fact, adopted from China. As it turns out, they had just returned with their 11-month-old beautiful girl two weeks ago from China. They named her Ridley. She was precious and very tiny, even for an 11-month-old. She seemed shy but gave her mommy and daddy a big smile.

I told them that I was currently waiting for my placement with a log-in date of 4/13/07. The mom very quickly said "Oh, well, you've got another 2 1/2 years to wait." She then asked me if I read the "Rumor Queen" online (sidebar......for those that are not aware, the Rumor Queen is a site where you can read about what the latest rumors are about China adoptions. While there is some truth in the Rumor Queen, it is not all truth). I told her that I chose not to read the Rumor Queen, but I was a member of an China Adoption email group. While I was thrilled to see this happy family and see this precious baby girl, I was just a little miffed. Now, I do stay current on the news about how slow China adoptions are.....I'm not so naive to think that I'll be traveling to China anytime soon. And, no one knows for sure just how long this will take. But, I choose not to focus on the negative in terms of wait time. This couple really wanted to focus on how LONG I would be waiting. I just wanted to bask in the beauty of this baby and talk about she was was their trip, etc.

So, it was SO nice to see this beautiful baby who had just come home. She looked healthy and happy. And, I guess I'll choose not to infiltrate my head with negativity....or as this couple put it.... 'a reality check.' I'm in this China adoption journey for the long hawl. Whether it takes one more year or three years....I'll wait....because I know this is what God has chosen for me. It is my daily challenge to trust Him and his plan for me. The positive side of this wait is that it gives me more time to prepare....financially, and otherwise. Yes, I'd love to be planning that trip to China right now, but I can wait. Gosh, that baby was beautiful.


The Lohman Family said...

We're glad you got to meet sweet little Ridley. We are waiting and praying daily for Caroline and the chance to meet her. We know she will come in God's perfect time.

McMary said...

Great attitude--You will get to Caroline at just the right timeline.