Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ignoring the Situation

I've been surviving this long adoption wait by not dwelling on the situation. I just have tried not to think about it much. That seems a little odd, because I do pray for my future daughter and I pray for my adoption agency.....but, I just have tried to keep it off my mind. That's not so terribly hard during the day because I'm around my college 'kids' all day....I focus on them and I guess that kind of keeps my mind off of China.

This 'ignoring' the situation was made a bit difficult last Friday night on Halloween. Mom and I were invited to a 'fall festival' party at the country home of a friend. There was a large crowd of people there for the hot dog roast, smores, and the costume party for the kids. At the party was a couple that have adopted two children from China...they are missionaries to China and have adopted two 'waiting children'.......beautiful children.

How much longer until my dossier gets out of the 'review room?' That is the next positive thing that I am anticipating.

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