Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saw the Cutest 2nd Grader Today

Today I made a trip to Wabash to observe one of my students who is completing her student teaching experience in music. She is teaching at an elementary school and doing a terrific job. Today I observed a 4th grade class and a 2nd grade class. I was amazed at how wonderfully structured these classes were.....classroom management was excellent.....the lesson objective was being met through a variety of classroom activities. I REALLY enjoyed my time there. I watched the 2nd grade class do a listening lesson to a piece by Shostakovich....a polka. The kids were being guided through some fun movements to help 'feel' the music. All of a sudden I become fixated on one of the little boys in the class. He was quite small, jeans and a green t-shirt, a very short haircut and thick glasses. SO CUTE. He was having so much fun and I could tell that he was absolutely 'in to' the music....and it was quite obvious that he had an innate ability for music. I fell in love with this little guy and wanted to take him home with me.

Later I found out that he was being raised by his step-grandmother after his grandfather died. I have no idea where the parents are......oh my....I wanted to take him home with me EVEN MORE.

It was nice to feel that 'maternal instinct' again. I have not allowed myself to feel that way in a while, knowing that it is going to be a long wait for Caroline. I had suppressed those feelings. I'm glad I allowed that feeling to come back. It feels good.

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