Monday, November 23, 2009

Caroline's First Studio Photo Shoot

Caroline survived her first studio photo shoot. Last week I got a call from Sears telling me that I had won a free 10 x 13 portrait with no sitting fee. Of course, it was a ploy to get me in the studio so that I'd spend alot of money on a 'package'....well, it worked. I took the bait. I thought the pictures turned out pretty nicely....better than I expected. Here is a sampling of the pictures. So now the pressure is off to find a photographer....for a couple of months, at least.


Kendra said...

She did really well!!! It's so hard to get a great portrait when they're little. Her photos are beautiful!

McMary said...

Her pictures are gorgeous. She looks great in red. Love the one of you together also.

Two and a High Chair said...

I have been keeping up with Miss Caroline's adventures and amazing progress through your site. It was so nice to get a chance to meet you at Anne's home in Kansas City. I would love to have a chance for Caroline and Izzy to meet some day. Your photos look beautiful...I always get suckered by the packages as well. By the should check out this site:
It is an organization of private photographers that waive their sitting fees for families who have recently adopted children. We found a participating photographer in our area and she did a fabulous job getting photos of Izzy shortly after we brought her home. An incredible should definitely check into it for Caroline. (only good for a year after you bring your child home.) - Tracy