Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween with the Cousins in Kansas City

We have just returned from our 'Meet Caroline Tour' with family and friends in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. We were gone for 11 days. Caroline got to spend her very first Halloween in Kansas City with her cousins Zane, 8, and Zacalen, 6. She was a butterfly (surprise, surprise) ...notice her 'squeeky shoes'......and sort of got the hang of how to do the trick-or-treating thing. For awhile she wanted to stop after each house and inspect the treats. And, she was holding up the 'pack' of trick-or-treaters, so she had to be carried to most houses. She had a good did I.


Tamra Gardner said...

I think she is the cutest butterfly I have ever seen. And what would we do without those squeeky shoes?

Hines4602 said...

What is cuter than a squeaky butterfly? I can't think of anything!

Kendra said...

Too cute! Love the costume!