Friday, November 6, 2009

The New Adventures of Caroline

Today, the IWU Music Division faculty had a party for Caroline and I and we enjoyed food and fellowship with them. Caroline even decided to show off a little bit. I took her to my office for the very first time and she immediately went to the piano. I think she looks pretty natural at the piano. This week we also made a trip to Riley Hospital in Indianapolis for an appointment with a pediatric opthamologist. Her right eye 'wanders' then she is able to bring it back into focus pretty quickly. Good news from the doctor is that her eyesight is normal and things look good. He thinks that her eye will improve with time. He called her condition 'exotropia' and didn't seemed too concerned. We have another appointment in 3 months and if she hasn't improved, then she will either wear an eye patch over the good eye to strengthen the weak eye, or she might need surgery....either way, it can be treated. PTL. The other two pictures that are included on this post were taken by my cousin Ashley while we were in Kansas City.


McMary said...

Oh--she's such a cutie. Life must be pretty fun now!

Jon said...

I think you should teach her the word "dissertation" and encourage her to answer questions using it.

For example-

Mom: "Caroline, what are you doing?"
Caroline: "My dissertation"


Mom: "Caroline, no I am not buying you that toy!"
Caroline: "It's for my dissertation!"
Mom: "Well ok then. Here you go"

I mean you might as well get her started on it now. It is inevitable, she is YOUR child.

Glad to hear that life is going well.