Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Year Ago Today We Boarded a Plane for China

View of Guangzhou from the China Hotel

Our Hotel Room on the 17th floor

The China Hotel

The crib was set up in our room when we arrived  *tears*

One year ago at this moment, Mom and I were sitting at the Chicago O'Hare airport gate waiting for our flight to Seoul, South Korea, then on to Guangzhou.  I was experiencing so many emotions that night....excitement, fear, disbelief that it was really happening....and probably a bit of fear.  It is interesting that I am experiencing these same emotions all over again as I re-live the experience.  That trip was the most important trip that I have ever taken in my life; it changed my world in the most wonderful way.  I love Caroline more than anything in this world and my heart is full.

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Glenda said...

It is a wonderful journey, isn't it?? Congratulations to the lucky Mama and lucky baby.