Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm in New York City!

I'm currently on a concert tour with the IWU Wind Ensemble to Pennsylvania, New York (including Niagara Falls and New York City), and the Washington, D.C. area. Today was our day off in New York City. We spent the day in Manhattan.....saw lots of things including St. Patrick's Cathedral, St. John the Divine Cathedral, St. Paul's Chapel at Ground Zero, Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza, and Central Park. We ate at the famous Carnegie Deli....rode the subway system, and we also walked and walked and walked. When you take a trip like this you always buy souvenirs for yourself and family members. Now, whenever I buy souvenirs, I always buy something for Caroline....usually something for her room or cute clothes. Today I bought the cutest multi-colored teddy bear from the huge M & M store in Times Square. I know that its going to be quite a long while before Caroline comes home, but buying 'souvenirs' helps remind me that I have a child waiting for me.....don't know if she's been born yet....or perhaps she has just arrived at an orphanage somewhere in China. But right now, it is important for me to buy these helps make this adoption journey more real and tangible to me. I do feel like I'm already a mom, even if I don't yet know my daughter's identity.

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Kendra said...

What an amazing tour! I think I might be jealous as I sit watching a foot of snow falling in my backyard. ;) On the other topic you mentioned, You are so right, Dr. Lessly, you are a mom already. The wait that you are having to endure will make those first moments with Caroline even sweeter.