Friday, August 21, 2009

Butterflies, Butterflies, and More Butterflies

Soon after I made the decision to adopt (well, this is after God gave me a big nudge to start the adoption process) I had a very strong feeling that butterflies would play a part in the process. That may sound very silly.......and the fact is, I have no idea what that means. I did decide to decorate Caroline's room with a butterfly theme, but I think there is more than a superficial reason for this butterfly thing.

Butterflies evolve from a caterpillar.......there is this metamorphasis that takes place....perhaps that is a sort of analogy of what will happen to Caroline. She will become a part of a forever family that will encourage her to grow and become someone very special. I want to give her the 'wings to fly' so to speak.

The reason for this blog entry is this: today I was sitting outside while running a garage sale at my house. Several times today I saw beautiful butterflies. They were bright yellow with black around the edges. They were fluttering all around us (Mom and I). I've never seen so many butterflies at my house before.

I considered this another 'God moment'.....another sign that God is providing encouraging moments for me as I prepare to bring Caroline home. I feel that these 'God moments' are His way of confirming that this is part of His plan.....His schedule......His desire for me to be a mom to Caroline.

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