Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SCL, Referral Packet, and Fingerprints

I received a phone call yesterday from Tina at CHI telling me that my SCL (Seeking Confirmation Letter) and referral packet had arrived in St. Louis. YAY!!!!!! So, Tina said that the letter and packet would arrive today via UPS. So, you know what I did most of the day today? Yes, I put the camera by the front door and sat by a window watching for the UPS man. My plans were to take a picture of him (or her) handing me the referral packet. BUT.... no UPS truck today. I'm sure it will arrive tomorrow when I have to go out of town. That's OK....at least I know it is coming.

I also got an email from Doug, my social worker, who said that the report from my fingerprinting had arrived at his agency, but Mom's has not arrived yet. We figured that Mom's fingerprints were once again rejected by the FBI...no joke. Mom's fingerprints are 'not recognized'......so I called the Indiana State Patrol to find out the scoop. Yes, I was right....Mom's prints were rejected. Now the FBI is doing a 'name search' on her. This report is supposed to be completed sometime this week.

I'm getting close to a 'countdown' for travel. But I have to get my TA first. I better hold off on the countdown for a little while, but it's looking like an early to mid-October travel date. CAN'T WAIT!

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