Thursday, October 15, 2009

Doing What She Loves Best

Eating one of the Gerber 'Toddler Meals'.....not a drop was left when she was done.

This morning at breakfast......rice cereal with peaches. She's pretty proud of how she feeds herself. Again, every drop was gone by the end of breakfast.

Caroline is sitting in her new chair that was hand-crafted by Dick Johnson from Westminster Church. This is one of her favorite 'hang-outs'....sitting near her 'kitchen' and reading the newspaper. If the TV is on, she sometimes sits in her chair and watches TV with her hands perched at her waist. She is so cute to watch.
I thought I would include some pictures of Caroline doing what she loves best......either eating or sitting and reading. Sometimes I have to turn the newspaper around so that it is not upside down, but nevertheless, Caroline loves to look at newspapers, magazines, or books. I can't get her to sit still long enough for me to actually read a book yet, but that will come soon, I think.
Yesterday was a traumatic day. It was her day to go to the pediatrician to be poked and prodded. I dreaded the day. As I expected, Caroline started screaming as soon as the nurse started to measure her head. I tried to make this 'trip' as fun as possible, but I think Caroline has too much 'baggage' when it comes to hospitals or doctor's offices. She spent the first few weeks of her life in a hospital being treated for congenital syphilis....she is fine now and has been cured for quite some time, but she just goes bonkers when she sees anything that resembles a nurse or doctor. She got four shots and had blood work done. The fact that we had to wait TWO HOURS to see the doctor didn't help matters. But, it is over.
I plan to make an appointment with the International Adoption Clinic at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis so that they can do a 'post-adoption assessment.' I want to get their perspective on her eating habits as well as her overall health and development. I also plan to make an appointment with a pediatric eye specialist in Indy. Her right eye strays occasionally, but she immediately pulls it back in to focus. I can tell that she sees well based on the details that she notices, but I'm thinking there is something sort of treatment that should happen.
What a blessing Caroline is to me. I still can't believe that she is my daughter and I'm her Momma. I am so fortunate to have her and she is an amazing blessing to me.


Princess, Daughter of the King said...

Beautiful! God's work is always beautiful! Glad she's got you and you, her!

Glenda said...

My husband and I were some of your "breakfast buddies" in Guangzhou. I'm just now getting around to checking out your blog. It is amazing to see Caroline and all her sadness of the first day is gone. She's beautiful. Aren't we all just amazingly blessed? Blessings to you and Caroline!

Tamra Gardner said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well with you. Caroline is still as cute as ever. Now that we are home I wanted to find out again what color bows you wanted. I already told my mom about it and she is happy to do it. Thanks for all the prayers sent our way!!!! Tell Anne I said "Hello" and can I get her address. Love in Christ,
Tamra and Elsie

McMary said...

What a wonderful blessing indeed.

I will be traveling in one week to meet my beautiful little blessing in Russia--I can't wait.