Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Shower for Caroline

Caroline is the center of attention

Notice that Caroline has a cookie in each hand.

We received some lovely and very generous gifts.

Caroline and I with Happi Stoffel and her mom Bekki Johnston, who hosted the shower.

Today was an excellent day......Caroline attended church for the very first time and we were the guests of honor at a baby shower hosted by Bekki Johnston and her daughter Happi Stoffel. They are neighbors as well as members of our church. We received very wonderful gifts from everyone. We SO APPRECIATE the outpouring of love from everyone!

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Kramer said...

I am loving the photos! It looks like Caroline is doing so well! I was so glad I had written down your site while in China and wanted to share ours with you too! is the site we blogged from China but we have a blogger site too (I haven't put much on there since our travels). I can already see a change in her personality! The bath with come, Emma hated it also but now we are having trouble getting her out! What a difference a few weeks makes. I can't wait to keep following along!