Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She's a Multi-Tasker

Caroline is trying on Grandma's shoes while attempting to rearrange the placement of the kitchen stools.
Here she is running her 'corn-popper' sweeper while talking on her new play cell phone.
I've decided that Caroline is a multi-tasker. Caroline is feeling more and more comfortable around the house. The last couple of days, when she has talked on her 'cell', she is definitely speaking Mandarin...... and it sounds like she is chewing someone out....what I would give to know what she is saying! Caroline is also understanding more and more English, though not speaking it....except to say 'Momma'......and today she said 'balloon'....we still have several helium balloons in the house from our welcome home gathering. So, every time that she points to a balloon, I say 'balloon.' She can speak it now. Sweet has never been so good!

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