Saturday, October 10, 2009

New "Stuff" at the House

Michael, Mark, and Nash assembling the 'kitchen'
Caroline playing with her new kitchen.

Caroline in her new winter attire in the new Jeep Stroller

Ready to take her first ride.

We have received two very nice gifts in the last couple of days. Thank you Michael, Sarah, Nash & Mark for the 'Homestyle Kitchen' that you delivered to the house and assembled last night. Caroline has already prepared several 'meals' in her kitchen and has 'fed' Mom and I several times.......she LOVES it, and so do I.

Thank you, Anne, for the very big and wonderful 'Jeep' stroller that we will use on a daily basis as long as the weather cooperates. I actually took it out of the box and assembled it myself today. Pictures will show Caroline in her new winter coat, hat, and gloves as we are about to take our first outing in the stroller. It even has an iPod attachment....again, LOVE it.

Caroline keeps verbalizing more and more. She is more fun than I ever imagined....I don't even mind it when she has her occasional meltdown. We get passed it as quickly as possible and move on.

Our biggest struggle at the moment is bath time. She literally screams when we get ready to take a bath. She loves taking a sponge bath when she can sit on the edge of the sink and have her feet in the water. I have no idea about this one....I'm hoping that when I get a 'toddler bath' that maybe she won't hate it as much.

Her 'cute factor' rose today when she starting giving 'high 5's', then gives a very big smile. I am also mesmerized by watching her play at her new kitchen....she stirs her spoon in the little pan then 'eats' from it. I love to see that she can pretend.

I'm so excited to go to church tomorrow. This will be Caroline's very first time in church, and I am so looking forward to sharing the love of Jesus with her....something that would not happen if she were to stay in China. I'm hoping that I can hold it together when I take her up to the front of the church for her very first children's sermon.


Beth said...

What beautiful pictures. So glad she is doing well! It is so fun when they start feeling comfortable and the personality shines through! :)

Not sure how they did baths in China, but in Korea my kids were used to a large plastic circular "baby tub". It was about 24 inches across and about 12 inches deep. Thus, they hated bath-time with a passion. Even though they were almost too big, we switched over to baths in the kitchen sink and then gradually to the big tub. Also, using a baby tub inside the big tub worked well too for Quinten (who was enormous and couldn't squeeze into the kitchen sink). :) I think all the water is overwhelming for them when they're not used to it. Another way we warmed our kids up to the idea was letting them splash us with the water, even though it made quite a mess. They were amused by it.

Beth said...

Nice blog with a nice picture. Congratulations to those still filled with the spirit of philanthropy.