Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adoption is Finalized....and Transition Time

Today was the day that my adoption was finalized in China.  I had to have my picture taken with Caroline, then I had to be interviewed, fill out a bit more paperwork, then meet with the notary to answer the same questions, and sign papers.  That went smoothly. 
We are thrilled with Caroline.  She is very shy and still doesn't trust....that will come with time.  I am happy to say that she has bonded with me and doesn't want me out of her sight....and she wants me to hold her all of the time.  I'm happy to accommodate her! She can certainly walk, so we are hoping that she will decide to demonstrate that skill in the next day or two.    
Caroline smiled today!   About 4 times today she cracked a smile.....so sweet!   She loves to be touched and caressed.  When I put her to bed, she continues to rock herself to sleep, so she is a self-soother.  so, hopefully, when she knows that I'll soothe her by rocking her to sleep she won't feel the need to rock herself.  She has also attached herself to a little stuffed animal....it is a 'Beposh' brand striped monkey. She has to have that at all times.....so when I return home I better get another one just like it in case she loses this one.  I can recall a certain cousin who couldn't be without her 'Puffy'.....and when that Puffy was lost, there was a mad dash to find another one.  I don't want to do the 'mad dash.'    
Enjoy the pictures from today.  


Bella's Mommy said...

I love the pictures. She is just too beautiful. I can't get over those little lips. They are just perfect!!

Have a great time in China. Mike and I were just talking last night how we can't wait to go back.

sue said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!!! She looks just like her pictures. So sweet!

Angie said...

Oh Chris - I have tears!!! Those first moments/days are just wonderful and tiring, but ones you will never forget!!! I am just sooooo happy for you and Caroline!! She is just precious!!!

Angie & Mia in TN

Sierra said...

I totally love the bow!! :)

Jennifer said...

She is so beautiful! Thinking of you often and looking forward to a playdate!

McMary said...

She is so precious--she looks absolutely perfect in her pictures.
I couldn't be more happier for you.
What a wonderful end to your story of adopting and a beautiful beginning to your family story.

Heather said...

Amazing, just amazing!

If she still is attached to that particular lovey most definitely get another! ;)

The pics are so joyous!!

Beth said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. I love seeing all the pictures and reading your posts. I know it's such a relief to finally have her in your arms! Thinking of you both as you continue this journey together. :)

Jennifer said...

beautiful mommy and daughter!!! welcome to the most wonderful and exhausting ride of your life!!!

safe travels back! i cannot WAIT to get our caroline's together!!!

love, jennifer

Myrna said...

Caroline is adoreable and you look
like you are bonding already. I can't wait to give hugs to all three of you. Anxious to welcome little Caroline to "the family".
Love, Myrna