Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last Day in Guangzhou

Today was our last day in Guangzhou, and the only official business was to pick up Caroline's immigrant visa and passport.  I also have the official envelope to present to the Customs agent in Chicago.  Caroline becomes a U.S. citizen when she passes through Customs...amazing how that happens.   

 Our coordinator took the group to the Pearl and Jade Market one more time as well as Shamian Island.  We had lunch at Lucy's and headed back to the hotel.   Caroline took a nap and we did some packing.  As I write this I'm still hoping that we can get everything packed.  We did buy an extra suitcase for Caroline.  It's full.   

 TODAY CAROLINE WALKED ON HER OWN WITHOUT HOLDING ON TO ANYTHING!!  She is crawling, walking, giggling, acting silly and imitating me.  She is making 'kissing' sounds and I taught her how to blow a kiss.  She is starting to act like a 21-month-old.  To me, she looks like a different person than she did a week ago.     

Today's picture was taken at Shamian Island in Lucy's.  She is doing what she loves to do - EAT.  The next time I post on the blog we will be at home in Marion, IN.   Our flight leaves tomorrow at 12:35 p.m. and we'll fly through Seoul, South Korea, then to Chicago.  Jim and Sue Sonnefield are picking us up at the Chicago airport at 5:30 on Wednesday.  I hope we have some friends and family greeting us at the International terminal of the airport...Asiana Airlines.    

It's been an amazing journey, and we'll be glad to get home. 


Myrna said...

Chris & Gerry & Caroline,
I will be thinking of you on your journey home to us. (may it be safe and pleasant)! Gerry, so good to hear from you, if only for a brief time. I will be waiting in Marion to greet you, as we did not know how much space would be needed in the van! Take care and sending love & hugs, Myrna

Sierra said...

Hey Lessly family!

Can't wait to have you back home. I'm looking forward to seeing Caroline. Be safe and see you soon.

Two and a High Chair said...

You took the words right out of my mouth…as soon as I saw this picture of Caroline I thought to myself…a completely different little girl than the one we saw a week ago. And it sounds like she is really doing great developmentally…walking, imitating sounds…what fun! Wishing you safe travels back home!

Hines4602 said...

She is a perfect princess! Can't wait until she comes HOME!

Jennifer said...

Priceless picture! I'm thrilled to hear she is walking. How awesome!

Hope your trip home is peaceful and uneventful. So wish we could be at the airport to greet you and welcome you home. Not a great idea for us since Malia has strep throat!

Take care and let me know when you get settled and are ready for visitors and playdates! We're anxious to hang out with you and Caroline.

Chris said...

So happy for you! Get ready to love - you don't know you can love something that much till you have one!

Princess, Daughter of the King said...

Hope you had an incredible day being able to go to your home church with Caroline. Expectant for what God is doing!