Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Several Breakthroughs Today!

Milestones accomplished today by Caroline:   1) She smiled at least 10 times and showed her teeth...yay for big smiles; 2) she giggled; 3) She decided to be a big girl and sat up and even stood today....I watched her walk toward me on Gotcha Day so I know she can walk;  4) she is closer to playing with toys today...we are thinking that she was never given toys to play with by herself....she doesn't know what to do with them; 5) she likes to shop (like her Momma)....when we went to the Carrefour (their version of Walmart) she lit up and smiled and was really engaged...she was a little flirt; 6) she is starting to learn the sign for 'eat'....and demonstrated it several times when she wanted another bite....she's a good eater and food seems to be a good motivator for her; and, 7) she peed and pooped in the potty chair....that's a major deal!    
The main thing that Caroline struggles with are 'transitions'......any kind of change cause her to cry.  If I am holding her, but I move, or if we move from one room to another....any change scares her.  That is totally understandable, so we know that with time this will improve. Also, in the picture of Caroline in the high chair, you'll notice that she is holding on to a blue object.  That is an 'egg shaker', a little 'percussion' instrument.   She holds on to that shaker from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed....well, actually, she is still holding on to it and she is asleep.   That is attributed to being a 'hoarder'....very natural in her situation.  If you are afraid that something might be taken away from, or a toy, you hold on to it for dear life.  That is what she's doing with the egg shaker.  We are guessing that food was taken away from her before she was full....and that perhaps she's never had anything that truly belonged to her. Therefore, she holds on to the shaker.  That's OK....soon, she'll learn that she doesn't have to hoard things.    
Today's pictures are from the restaurant at the China Hotel where we eat the breakfast buffet every morning; and the Guangzhou Orchid Garden. Included in one of the pictures is Anne Miller, one of my closest friends who arrived in Guangzhou on Monday just before I received Caroline.  Tomorrow we are visiting a Buddhist Temple and a shopping market.    
Last thing.....our official business today was applying for Carolines registration and visa.


Jennifer said...

oh, chris! loving the pics of caroline! thank you so much for keeping us all updated! i am soooo happy and excited for you and gerry!!! safe travels back and much love to you all!

Sheila said...

Chris ... Caroline is beautiful, but you know this. Have written three other comments, but didn't know how to get them posted. Hope this time works. All my love and prayers are with you!

Myrna said...

Chris & Gerry,
Love the pictures. Sorry for not
"commenting" earlier, but I did not
know how to get here until yesterday! Love reading your updates and can only imagine your increased happiness every day! Take care of each other and will see you soon. (I still can not quite believe this is really happening!) Love ya, Myrna

rmitchell703 said...

Neehow Chris,Jeri, and Caroline!
We look forward to seeing you back in the "hood" w/your new addition!

Hines4602 said...

She is just too cute! I can't believe she went pee and poop on a potty chair!!! That is amazing! She must be a genious. :) Looks like Caroline is adjusting as well as can be expected and it's been fun to read your updates and stay in touch with what's happening with her.

Jennifer said...

I had warm memories seeing the pic of Caroline in the China hotel restaurant. It looks as though you're all really enjoying your trip, and Caroline seems to be adjusting well under the circumstances. Best wishes as you continue your stay.