Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leaving Tomorrow for China

I can't believe that Mom and I are leaving for China tomorrow....unbelievable. Praying that God will keep us safe and healthly as we travel. Chicago to Seoul, South Korea to Guangzhou.


Bella's Mommy said...

Best Wishes Kris...can't wait to see the first pictures.

Angie said...

Chris - We are so happy for you!!! I just took that journey 10 short weeks ago, and it is the trip of a lifetime!!! Can't wait to see you holding that sweet Caroline!!!

Angie & Mia in TN

Kate said...

Hi. I arrived at your blog today because my childrens' music teacher (Kara Whitman Yowell) mentioned to me the other day that a friend of hers would be traveling to China soon to bring home her little girl. I asked her if you had a blog because one can never get enough of reading about families coming together and I selfishly love to relive my China memories... my youngest two children are both from China ~ Brynn came home at 2 years old in 2006 and Nyah came home last September at 18 months.

Caroline is beautiful and I will pray for safe travels for both of you and for comfort for her as her world turns upside down and strength for you as you help her during the adjustment. Best wishes!

Mackenzie Hale said...

Man, I forgot to get into your suitcase like I was supposed to!!! Have fun anyways! =)

Michelle said...

Adoption has always been something I felt pulled to do. Your story touches me. I read your blog and fb and tear up so many times! I doubt with 5 of my own Chad will ever adopt with me. Maybe one of my grandchildren someday... I will be checking in. I can't wait to see pictures of you and your previous and long awaited Caroline together. God SOOOOO rocks! He is worthy of our praise.