Saturday, September 26, 2009

Medical Exam and More Breakthroughs

Today we had to go to Shamian Island for Caroline's medical exam.   This was a bit traumatic for Caroline.  As soon as we walked toward the first exam room she saw the white coats and immediately started crying and hung on to me for dear life.  She has spent time in the hospital and has had to have follow-up tests in her young life so I understood why she was scared.  Thankfully, she did not need to have any shots.  I have to admit that this was just about as traumatic for me because I didn't like seeing Caroline so scared....I had to shed a tear as I watched.  But, the exam didn't take too long and we were 'out of there.'   We had time to do some shopping and eat lunch at Lucy's, a well-known restaurant among adoptive families.   We plan to go back to Shamian Island tomorrow by ourselves and just have some leisure shopping time.    
Kristen Bowman, one of my former students who teaches music in Qingdao at an International School, arrived late last night and is spending four days with us.  She speaks Mandarin REALLY well and so when it came time to 'deal' for a better price on merchandise, Kristen did the job for me. I had so much fun hearing her speak Mandarin and 'work' those shopkeepers.     
Breakthroughs for today:   1) more animation and more expression; 2) more smiles; 3) SHE STOOD UP AT THE SIDE OF THE CRIB.......and this afternoon when we returned from Shamian Island I just let her roll around on the floor and while we weren't paying attention to her, she started to stand up.  Oh my, we were thrilled!   4) she waved at me about 15 minutes ago.    
Here is what I have decided about Caroline.......she is a serious girl who analyzes and thinks about everything.  She observes everything around her.   She has excellent fine motor coordination with her hands....a very precise and neat eater and can pick up the smallest crumb.   Caroline has one facial expression that just kills me....she looks out of the corner of her eyes at me and does this crooked smile - trust me, you'll melt when you see it.  Then, she has a big smile where she shows all of her pretty teeth.   One of these days I hope to get more pictures of both of those expressions.    
Today's pictures are of the line-up for the medical exam on Shamian Island as well as a picture of Anne, our 'sherpa' for the day.  You'll notice that Anne is wearing her Vera Bradley backpack on the front....this is the Chinese way of doing things.....very stylish, don't you think?   Oh, and we found the Starbucks on the island....yes, Caroline loves a mocha frappacino....don't worry, I didn't give her the whole thing....just a sip - but she loved it.


Princess, Daughter of the King said...

What a HUGE blessing it is to watch your story unfold! God is SO very good to always meet our needs and desires! Praying for you!

Jennifer said...

Wasn't it surreal to actually be at the medical exam building? Seeing other people's pictures month after month and this time it is YOU and CAROLINE in those pictures! Malia hated that exam. The first station had her undressing and that's all she wrote! She screamed the rest of the time. Love hearing about all Caroline's changes and breakthroughs.