Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big breakthrough...and Buddhist Temple

Today, Caroline started playing with a toy.  We have been trying to engage her in toys, books, etc., but she would just sit and stare.  We decided (based on recommendation from Anne's friend) that perhaps Caroline was getting too much overload.   So, this morning I took Caroline to a quiet room on our floor where there is lots of floor space.   I took only one toy and we sat on the floor together. At first I modeled 'playtime' for her....her eyes followed every move that I made.  Then, I just moved back a bit to see what she would do...and she started picking up the toy and playing.  I cried.  This was a big deal.  And, to top it off, she was doing some vocalizing....a quiet hum.  Good stuff.  I am including a picture of Caroline playing with the toy.   
 Our tour coordinator took us to a Buddhist Temple.  This was certainly my first time visiting a place like this.  The incense was very strong. It is an open area with many small temples.    We then went to a shopping area that was quite overwhelming.  The most interesting thing about this excursion is that I was stopped by a group of Chinese teenage girls who wanted to take a picture with me.  Then, a group wanted a picture with Anne.   I've always heard that they like to have their picture taken with I know it's true.   
 Tomorrow....the Guangzhou Zoo.   And, the rest of our tour group arrives tomorrow.  I'm very excited to meet them and their kiddos.


Jennifer said...

Love to hear about your breakthroughs! She keep progressing every day - that's the way to go! Yeah, Caroline! I cannot wait to see her in person. Hoping she and Malia will be great friends!

Two and a High Chair said...

I LOVED your post from today!!! I am sitting at work reading your blog and crying right along with you. What a huge breakthrough! I can even see just by the look in her eyes in your photos today that she is more present, alert and engaged. She looks as if she is more comfortable and is starting to feel at home with her forever family. :-) I am overjoyed for you! I especially love the photo of you holding Caroline with her bottle...very sweet picture.

Kendra said...

That's wonderful news! The bows in her hair are oh so cute. :) We'll continue to keep you in our thoughts! Today, Ava has decided to name one of her dolls Caroline "because it's the first beautiful name" she could think of. Ava's Caroline is also from China, so she's teaching her to say "hello" and "eat" in English. I have to say that it's completely adorable to watch her playing in this way. :)

Sierra said...

Love the pictures! Keep posting them. Can't wait till you come home.

Myrna said...

Hi Guys,
What wonderful memories you are making! Love the pictures also. Chris, I am so happy for you. How is "Grandma"? Thinking of you every day and can't wait till you get back to Marion.
Take care,