Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Day in Pictures

Today has been a good day.  We started the day with a leisurely shopping trip to Shamian Island.  Mom, Anne, Kristen, Caroline, and I took a cab to the island.  We ended up at Starbucks (again) for a snack.  This afternoon I met with the other adoptive parents and our coordinators David and Elsie at the hotel to complete the seemingly endless paperwork that had to be done in order to get Caroline's immigrant visa.   While I was doing that, the girls all took a nap.  We ended the day with dinner in the hotel with another adoptive single mom from St. Louis and her little one.   Oh, and Caroline stood on her own today and started immitating sounds that I was making.  Caroline makes significant progress each and every day.
First time for Caroline to open a book.
Caroline giving us one of her sly smiles.
Evidence that 'Aunt' Annie fed Caroline whipped cream from her
frappucino at Starbucks. Caroline liked it.
Anne, Kristen, Chris, Gerry, and Caroline at the White Swan Hotel
on Shamian Island.
Caroline wearing a didn't stay on her head
very long but she looked cute in it. The hat is a bit big, so
hopefully, she'll grow into it.


Bella's Mommy said...

I have been away on a business trip but wanted to pop in to say how much I can't wait to meet Caroline!!

Maryann and Bella

Myrna said...

Time is counting down! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of days! Sounds like all is going well and her pictures are so cute.
Take care and safe trip home....see you soon.
Love, Myrna

Mackenzie Hale said...

You should just come home now!!! I want to meet her sooo bad!!

Jennifer said...

LOVIN' that sly smile! And ... yeah, Caroline! You stood on your own! Way to go, girl!